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Corbeil Associates Development Services
Comprehensive evaluation for existing properties
  • Meet with clients to determine their needs
  • Examine on site the condition of the existing structure, including tall mechanical systems with regard to codes, drawings, and specifications
  • Meet with local building, fire, and planning departments to review building permits, drawings, specifications, orders of conditions, and special circumstances 
  • Discover and rectify any violations of building, zoning, or other municipal codes
  • Present a written report of findings, analyses and recommendations 
  • Determine completion costs for unfinished construction
  • Arrange for and coordinate 21E, Phase I and/or Phase II site evaluations

Facilitate the planning and development of your project 
  • Assist in Developing Conceptual Drawings and Budgets 
  • Act as a liaison between the developer and investors 
  • Assist with site selection and permit process 
  • Assist in selection and management of the Design Team 
  • Prepare design and completion schedules
  • Monitor and supervise the design, development, and construction phases 
  • Assist in selection of the General Contractor and execution of the Construction Contract

During construction 
  • Monitor actual cost and schedule performance relative to the project budget
  • Approve and monitor sub-contractor selection 
  • Review and approve the Contractor's monthly requisitions 
  • Review change orders for necessity and/or unforseen conditons
  • Monitor and review the Contractor's compliance with budget, plans, and specifications
  • Assist the Owner and Contractor with final project completion and Certificate of Occupancy​
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From Concept to Completion... and Anywhere In Between

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