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Corbeil Associates Financial Services
Prior to loan commitment and/or before closing:
  • Review and comment on the project in general 
  • Meet with developer, architects, engineers, contractor, and other design team professionals,being used for project 
  • Examine the contract for construction between the Developer and the General Contractor
  • Evaluate and approve the contractor's construction progress schedule and funding requirements 
  • Provide a detailed written report for all of the above

During the construction phase: 
  • Review the Contractor's monthly progress and requisition and recommend appropriate dispersement of loan
  • Monitor and evaluate the Contractor's job progress for compliance with plans,specifications, and accepted industry standards and practice
  • Provide detailed monthly reports
  • Assist the Lender and Developer in final Cost Certification and Certificate of Occupancy

Additional Services offered: 
  • Evaluate a net operating income schedule and develop a loan to value ratio
  • Evaluate nonperforming properties
  • Evaluate structural/mechanical conditions of existing buildings 
  • Property Inspections and Management for Real Estate Bank Owned(REO) 
  • Reports include narrative report and photos and address the general property conditions, deferred maintenance issues, health and safety, and cost to improve for disposition or completion of abandoned construction projects.​

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